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Ooh Korra, a Fanfiction by `Yamino on deviantART
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"This is an incredible debut by the Chinese singer. Her sound is unlike anything I've ever heard. An amazing fusion of rock, pop, electro, dub-step and Eastern music, Her voice is also as diverse as her sound. The EP features her howling, wailing, chanting, singing and everything in between. Very experimental but very listenable. The EP was co-produced by Guy Sigsworth."

 clearly I can't understand the lyrics since I don't speak the language but my god, her voice and music is absolutely breathtaking.

But who says you need to comprehend the lyrics when these songs are so goddamn beautiful?

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I wish I could take a plane back to Lima and live there for a month.
I miss it.
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Pulling an all-nighter, since I have three midterms back to back tommorrow.. oh wait, today. 
Shoot me now.

My neck hurts. I need these babies:

I would have never known about this invention if it weren't for that episode of Quite Interesting.

The Desire

Oct. 24th, 2011 06:09 pm
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So an Indo-Chinese movie is coming out featuring Shilpa Shetty and Xia Yu.


My face right now: =O

The trailer is cheese filled with awesome choreography, costumes, AND ANUPAM KHER. :D
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I think I'm in love.
With a new sport.


So kickass, hardcore and adrenaline pumping. Just what I need.
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 I love this post.

And this:
"When you consider that in my youth homosexuality was illegal, it shows that self-acceptance and self-love is the key. Something inside me always told me that my feelings were natural and inborn. I really feel I have no regrets, and I'm now a well adjusted member of the human race.

And I'm as normal as the rest of us." - Martin

I caved.

Jan. 20th, 2011 11:12 pm
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 Yeah, I fell into internet pressure.
I now has a tumblr.



Share yours? I'll follow you!

EDIT: blodyhell i cannt types poroperly today.
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 Oww, my arms are sore from my vaccine shots. I had four shots to go through at once. OUCH. Talk about pain.  I can barely move my arm. Yeah, both my arms are all bandaged up and cotton-wads everywhere. The Amazon might be super awesome, but I didn't think I would come across snakes, piranhas, chimpanzees, rabid dogs (well maybe) in CUZCO of all places. Geez. Yet they forced me to take those shots. I'm now broke thanks to them. 
I feel bad for saying this and he's pretty okay but wow... my travel doctor looked exactly like those guys who are synonymous with the word douche. He was even sporting an Ed Hardy emblazoned doc coat (I'm not kidding---I didn't think they made those too).
Don't get me wrong, he's probably a nice fella (though he should work more on his people skills, seemed very shy and made little eye contact). I.. just was... surprised.
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So apart from school ending and coming back from a Christmas party,

YES TO REWATCHING MAGADHEERA. Love love love this film!! I wouldn't have checked this out if [ profile] dangermousie  hadn't raved about it. It's everything I want in films.  EVERYTHING, I MEAN, EVERYTHING IS WHAT BOLLYWOOD should  MAKE MORE OF. Learn from Tollywood, k? Most expensive film ever made, but it was all worth it! Star crossed lovers. Check. Historical setting of the Old Indian empire. Check. Redemption. Check. Reincarnation. Check. LOVE IT. You have to check it out once even if you're not a fan of these kinds of movies. I loved every bit of this.

My favorite scene has to be this part. Hands down. There's english subtitles in this clip (Heck yes, I don't understand telegu). I think this is where the Princess is fed up with Protagonist's blind acceptance of following his duty to the King and God so she demonstrates her pain and anger at temple's wall. It's very powerful scene to say the least. It starts at 3:39.

Oooh! I am in pure bliss.
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Oh man, oh man. I'm dying in exams right now (fuck you accounting, your stupid ratios and bottom line balance sheet cannot take me down. You know how they say business is easy? I say, make those kids take an managerial accounting course for 3 months then we shall see them wallow and cry) but OMG, I JUST GOT MY SPONSORSHIP ACCEPTANCE LETTER FOR MY TEAM PROJECT!!!

I love you dear sponsor of mine.

- pris
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Misfits, where were you when I was in my drama slump!?! I'm so glad I found you.
Guys and girls, you have to check this british show out.
it's so damn good.

the synopsis in general sucks. Basically, it's about these young offenders who get struck by freak lightning storm and they get these supernatural powers.
Gah, it's always around exam time that I find these fantastic shows! Where were you when I was bored out of my mind, misfits?!?!

By the way, I just have to say Nathan is my favorite wise ass in history of television.
If you're still not convinced, watch it for Nathan. This guy's acting is pure brilliance.

Oh man, the quotes from this guy is legendary in pure gold. I love you, writers of Misfits.

"Take it to the edge, to the edge.... Oooh pull it back, pull it back. Make it last you little tease!"
"I'ma join the circus, they can throw knives at me, set me on fire, shoot me in the face, people pay good money to see that shit!"
"Can we please stop killing our probation workers?!?!"

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In other news,


WHAT A SEXY LAYOUT, [ profile] jdramas .

This is so much better than your sickly lime green one we had for years!!
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 Okay, I am officially broke.
I'm also going to Ecuador from Jan 24-28th before the Peru trip in February. I'm going to miss a week of school but to be honest, I won't miss much. I'm an independent learner anyways.
It's a birthday present to myself.

Oh man, this is all for you Dr. X.
My buddy and I are doing this. We're fundraising the hell out right now. She wants to go two days before just to travel around the town before we do our stint.

Clown nose and all.

Galapagos, yes, please. I'll bring a copy of the Origin of the species to the turtles there.

If anything, I am just not eating out or going out to events anymore. I'll come to your birthday parties and such but I'm not buying anything okay? I have to work harder at my work shifts now.

Thank god my dad is helping my payment to MCAT prep course. He thinks I'm stupid for doing these trip things but he's oldfashioned. I'm doing them cause I'm young once.

EDIT: Fuck this, I need people who are set in their ways about making decisions. You wanted to come, and then you asked me to join with me and now you're backing out? Wtf. Stop wasting my time. I emailed her and said exactly that. I don't need this running about business. I've stopped depending on other people all the time, and depend only on myself. I'm the initiator, not the follower. Stop whining. I'm not your mother, for heaven's sake.
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Okay, attempt no. 2. I have decided to quit facebook for a month (So til Nov. 20-- Just in time for TEDxMcGill). My chronic usage of that site is having a serious effect on me right now. It is an addiction. If people want to contact me, well... too bad. It's called a telephone. I would like to have a normal conversation on the phone, thankyouverymuch.

If this works, I'll maybe extend it to a year. Let's take it one step at a time.
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It's really interesting to hear that the Hallyu wave has reached some parts in India. Cool stuff.
Though I still don't get why Hyun Joong is so popular there.
See here: A Little Corner of Korea in India.

Well, one thing's for sure. The bollywood movies coming out today are so slutty, almost to the point that it's almost pornographic. I can't even watch them with my parents anymore without feeling squeamish.

 I just watched The Namesake, the film that has Kal Penn. I'm not trying to be all on the verge of being a fob, but you know, sometimes I'm curious about my traditional roots. There are times I despise being Bengali but then there are time I truly cherish it. I feel like I'm like Gogol Ganguli, I mean, I totally acted like a douche in my teens (emo stage anyone?) but it's hard to find a balance between the two worlds. I felt alone. I didn't obsess about Bollywood movies or  eat samosas/ on a daily basis. I hated wearing the salwar suits at one point. I preferred wearing just a T-shirt and jeans whenever we went to my thousandth distant cousin's places. I couldn't relate to the aunties who constantly gossip. And there was that language barrier with the other Bengali kids who were born from the homeland. I thought I was inferior to them (because my bangla was le suck) so I never talked with them. My school friends weren't all Bengalis. They were from every nation imaginable. Ironically, that led them to believe that I was an asshole.

But what struck me are the scenes involving his two parents. I totally see my parents there and I really cried last night because it felt ... real.

Anywho, I'm dying from all the stress that's being put on me. My midterms and exams are nicely spread out (the best thing about being in a business major) but I have little spare time in between work, volunteering and classes. It's tough balancing them out but I'm Batman, I can live with the extra stress. I'm struggling a bit in my accounting courses, they're a bit different from my calculus classes but it's do-able. It's just strange not having to prove theorems now. Work is taking a toll on me though, my manager has put me to work 3 times a week and it's really long shifts.  Got to talk to him about that.. BUT STAFF RENTALS ARE BACK! w00T! A nice break from the  conference organizing mayhem that I'm part of and it's coming really really soon (uhh, like Nov. 13 anyone?).

And I give up on love. It's complicated and added pressure. It's been four years since then and I'm okay with being by myself. Yeah, sometimes I feel lonely because she's been out of my life for a long while. But I guess it's making me stronger as cliché as that sounds. I've got better things to do now, like get started on my career and tackling that damn MCAT and get my foot through those crumbling walls at those medical interviews.

In other news, I will be heading for China or Mongolia this summer (Most likely China). I saved enough money and I'm going to do it. Best part, I get paid for doing this. You're only young once right? I just have to get accepted first once the internship interviews come around. Any insider tips on China, people?


Sep. 6th, 2010 08:39 pm
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Augh, please. Can the writers really stop with this nonsense, no strong heroine bull crap in my kdramas this season? I watched Playful Kiss and I kept forwarding. I don't want to watch bimbos (but I have to admit, Jung So Min is doing a hell of a job trying to save the show with Kim Hyun Joong's limited acting skills). It's like another copy of the Goong show minus the spunky main female lead! I mean, they even end with the teddy bear scenes!  What the heck was I thinking? Even with I Am Legend, a show that was supposed to be about a strong woman for  fighting her freedom and her rock band against her chaebol in-laws is proving to be disappointing. The heart of gold scenarios have already been done and I can't stand when supposed strong protagonists are sniffing and wailing.There are so many wtf?! moments there I can't believe it. You had potential, I Am Legend. Gah! Now what am I going to do?

I'm really disappointed by this season as you can tell. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho is cute and somewhat keeping me entertained but honestly, I've watched so many Hong Sisters' dramas, the jokes are getting old.

I'm really tempted to try Jumong. It's a classic, I know. Friends are telling me that I'm nuts not to have watched it.  81 episodes = 1 hour each, holy macaroons! I don't have that much time with what school starting tomorrow.

I want to do a drama viewing party sometime at my place but to be frank, I don't know what's good anymore. Everyone I know who are into dramas will be super busy  =(

Tell me f-listers, what do you consider an amazing must-see show to check out? Doesn't have to be a kdrama, can be from any country really. Give me your top ten!

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What I'm feeling about my summer so far---perfectly expressed by the lady herself:
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I started playing Heavy Rain even though I should be studying (but it's Spring break.. o.o). And I'm loving every second of it. The story is remarkable, it grips you with the's like playing a  fantastic movie... I can't describe it. Like I'm now starting to question whether I should pick up that glass or should I take that plate because all the actions you do changes the outcome of the story. You can actually end up killing a certain character choosing that plate later on in the story. And I am into these characters even though I only played for half an hour. OMIGOSH.

I'm not much of a video game player ( I rarely have the time) but thank god I picked this up. It's what I've been looking for YEARS. THANK YOU DAVID CAGE. AND YOUR MUSIC IS AWESOME. AS WELL AS YOUR DIRECTING.

Yeah I know the stupid assholes out there posted the heavy spoilers on who the Origami killer is but that doesn't bother me.

Jacqui Ainsley (Madison Paige's model) is one... mighty fine cookie. She defines hotness.

ETA: Yeah, my fangirling skills are rusty.
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I'm 20 today.

Oh shi--.


(Being nineteen truthfully kicked ass. )


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