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It's really interesting to hear that the Hallyu wave has reached some parts in India. Cool stuff.
Though I still don't get why Hyun Joong is so popular there.
See here: A Little Corner of Korea in India.

Well, one thing's for sure. The bollywood movies coming out today are so slutty, almost to the point that it's almost pornographic. I can't even watch them with my parents anymore without feeling squeamish.

 I just watched The Namesake, the film that has Kal Penn. I'm not trying to be all on the verge of being a fob, but you know, sometimes I'm curious about my traditional roots. There are times I despise being Bengali but then there are time I truly cherish it. I feel like I'm like Gogol Ganguli, I mean, I totally acted like a douche in my teens (emo stage anyone?) but it's hard to find a balance between the two worlds. I felt alone. I didn't obsess about Bollywood movies or  eat samosas/ on a daily basis. I hated wearing the salwar suits at one point. I preferred wearing just a T-shirt and jeans whenever we went to my thousandth distant cousin's places. I couldn't relate to the aunties who constantly gossip. And there was that language barrier with the other Bengali kids who were born from the homeland. I thought I was inferior to them (because my bangla was le suck) so I never talked with them. My school friends weren't all Bengalis. They were from every nation imaginable. Ironically, that led them to believe that I was an asshole.

But what struck me are the scenes involving his two parents. I totally see my parents there and I really cried last night because it felt ... real.

Anywho, I'm dying from all the stress that's being put on me. My midterms and exams are nicely spread out (the best thing about being in a business major) but I have little spare time in between work, volunteering and classes. It's tough balancing them out but I'm Batman, I can live with the extra stress. I'm struggling a bit in my accounting courses, they're a bit different from my calculus classes but it's do-able. It's just strange not having to prove theorems now. Work is taking a toll on me though, my manager has put me to work 3 times a week and it's really long shifts.  Got to talk to him about that.. BUT STAFF RENTALS ARE BACK! w00T! A nice break from the  conference organizing mayhem that I'm part of and it's coming really really soon (uhh, like Nov. 13 anyone?).

And I give up on love. It's complicated and added pressure. It's been four years since then and I'm okay with being by myself. Yeah, sometimes I feel lonely because she's been out of my life for a long while. But I guess it's making me stronger as cliché as that sounds. I've got better things to do now, like get started on my career and tackling that damn MCAT and get my foot through those crumbling walls at those medical interviews.

In other news, I will be heading for China or Mongolia this summer (Most likely China). I saved enough money and I'm going to do it. Best part, I get paid for doing this. You're only young once right? I just have to get accepted first once the internship interviews come around. Any insider tips on China, people?

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