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** I can't believe I finished the first entire season of True Blood in one day... That's crazy. I'm not a vampire/goth fan and never was and I've never done that before except for My Girl.  At least it's a break from the Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance angsting. Eun Sung's step mother is driving me crazy with her stupid antics and Lee Seung Ki can't act. There I said it. I don't care if you flame me about your precious Lee Seung Ki. And I'm amazed at  Yun Joon Suk's ability to act as Eun Sung's autistic brother! He's really something!

* * I was gonna head to Toronto this summer for some shopping but garbage left on sidewalks for days doesn't sound appealing. Maybe next time.

** Contrary to what people have been calling True Blood as the adult version of Twilight, just with more sex scenes, nudity and gore...Twilight sucks overall with crappy writing.  At least true blood has some really great supporting characters and an realllly interesting plot. I'm hooked! I don't really care for Snookie or Bill Compton... Snookie irritates me with her stubbornness and Bill Compton is one hell of a two face.  On the other hand, Eric is dripping with coolness (Did you see his hair in 2nd season!? It looks much much better!), Tara is a case of spunk I could never get tired of and Sam... I never understood why he's so comfortable being naked on set... XD I laughed when Snookie killed the fangbanger murderer and Sam is just standing there naked in front of Bill Compton for the first time and Bill doesn't even react... wth!? I was sure Bill was gonna tell him to put some pants on but he didn't... He acts like it's all normal. Sam's a strange fellow but he's cute!  And my goodness, Lafayette totally makes this show!! I love his flamboyant personality! I really do hope it's not him in the car they find in the last scene.... He better not be dead!!

** Caught up with Merlin. It's been picked up by CTV so I figured why not? A friend recommended it to be a year ago but after watching the first episode, it didn't catch my interest at first. I'm glad I watched this gem again. I never understood why fans ship Merlin and Arthur together when clearly it's understood that they share a brotherhood. Whatever, there are strange people on the net... I'm waiting anxiously for season 2 but  I haven't found any news if they were filming it now. 

Sigh.  The TV seasons have been slow this year. Boy I'm glad I have True Blood to keep me occupied :)



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