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I bring you updated news.

I'm surprised. I couldn't exactly sleep last night.
Normally, I've never paid much attention to the news but this frightens the hell off of me.
Everyone  has been glued to the TV screen watching Peter Mansbridge report on the incident. And the irony of it all is that the reporters are treating the stories as if this shooting incident is a major sellout. 

(I've noticed that these two entries have been so serious.. it'll be a while till I can get to my normal self.)

I don't exactly know why  this shooting has affected me alot. I'm not even a student over there. No wait, I know the reason.
To think that this shooter got a hand of a machine gun so easily. In broad daylight. Frig, who the hell gets a machine gun out of no where? And this shooter is supposedly a stereotypical punk-type person wearing a black trenchcoat? I think it's a costume for capturing attention.

Argh, another thing that frustrates me is how some people I know are going avoid enrolling in that CEGEP just because of the shooting incident.  So what? It happened, it's not going to happen again in the future. This just shows how close-minded people tend to be.

I guess I broke my rule of not talking about my personal life by ranting in here. 

I'm not gonna even bother fixing my grammer and spelling mistakes. 

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R.I.P Anastasia DeSousa.
I send my condolences to her family.
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I'm sorry for interrupting your friendlist but this just happened 40 minutes ago.  Every news channel in my area has been in a frenzy.
You see, this college (equivalent to students in grade 12 or 13; we don't have that) has 10, 000 students.  This college/CEGEP is in the heart of downtown MontrĂ©al. Supposedly, two gun men with automatic rifles barged in the cafeteria shooting at anyone passing by them.  The police are searching for a "third" gunman. One gunman comitted suicide. Another was "neutralised" (killed) by police officers. Some students are saying that 20 gunshots were fired, others say 7.

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Man, this is hard to type when you're listening to mixed news.
I don't know what to say.

Seeing these images of students my age covered with blood... crying, running for their lives.
It's like that incident that happened in 1989 at Polytechnique again.
(For those who didn't know, 14 women were massacred by a man simply because they were women. The man believed that women shouldn't go to school nor enter "male professions". He killed himself after the shooting.)

Augh. I'm just filled with confusion. 
I just hope that the victims recover.

Edit:  S.W.A.T teams are there and there's only one gunman. (not confirmed).


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