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I've finally found a TV show that interests me: PUSHING DAISIES.
It's not like anything I've seen before. It's extremely unique compared to the other trash shows airing on prime time lately (*coughgossipgirlscough*).

What's it about? You'd have to see it for yourself to understand. It's like a fairytale. It's a dramedy. And it's spectacular.

It's about a young boy that discovers that he has a unique ability to bring back the dead with a touch on his fingertip. One thing, he touches them again, they'll fall asleep forever. There is a one minute grace period and if he doesn't touch the dead person again, someone else in the proximity will take his/her place.  That's what happened when the boy tries to revive his loving mother after a heart attack. The person who took her place in death was his childhood sweetheart's father.


Now, I did not know this but the sweetheart's name is Chuck. I looked up for the meaning and it says that Chuck means something similar to 'Christ giver' which fits nicely because...

19 years, 14 months, 36 hours, 14 minutes and 32 seconds, the boy becomes a piemaker, sharing his mother's love of baking pies. He later learns that his childhood sweetheart is murdered aboard a cruise ship on a mission to deliver a suitcase containing two ceramic monkeys. Ned, the piemaker is off to go see the situation. An intense urge came up and he revived her from her coffin. She's alive alright... but unfortunately for Ned, even if he has a longing to hug her, he can't.

But you know, this show makes kissing through cellophane wrap so romantic! And it's stunning visuals with vibrant colours!

And wow, I love Emerson. His looks totally deceives you. Who would have known that the big macho detective who's always looking out for any opportunity to get money has a soft side for knitting and pop-up books? I love his snarky remarks too!

Episode 8
Emerson: Your book was a bomb.
Napoleon: Who are you to criticize my life's work?!
Emerson: Your book was a bomb. It exploded.

Episode 2
Emerson: Are you in love with her? 'Cause it's that level of stupid.

Episode 3
Chuck: Isn't that what a P.I. (private investigator) supposed to do? Investigate? Isn't that the fun part?
Emerson: The fun part is counting my money in the bubble bath.

Episode X (Don't remember when)
Emerson: I love you, shovel.

He's such an oddball!


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