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Dec. 11th, 2009 09:40 pm
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- I'm exhausted. It's my second day of doing full time since my exams are finished and I am so pooped out. And you know what I find funny? Customers doing their Christmas shopping. Now, you have to understand, I come from a family that doesn't celebrate Christmas and are cheapos when it comes to spending. It boggles me how much one person can spend in 30 minutes.

- University is hard. Oh med school, you seem to be drifting further and further from me... Come back!

- I rarely have any time for gaming but... whaaa? I just heard FF13 is coming out (finally, I think I first anticipated it when I was 15-16.. I'm what like.. almost 20 in one month? Whoa. Time flies) and apparently, it's getting slapped by the ERSB as 'containing sexual content'. Maybe this is why.

- I want to be nineteen stilll... Oh youth, stayyy witthhh meeee...

- Oh, if you ever have any time to read/watch over the break, I highly recommend checking out the movie, 500 Days of Summer and the book, "Shantaram" by Gregory David Roberts. It is sooo good, I couldn't put the book down. And the best part: Johnny Depp is starring in a movie based on it and it's coming out in 2011. Man, I'm so glad I work at a bookstore or I wouldn't have found this gem.

Here's a short summary from some site that I borrowed from:

Shantaram is a novel of epic proportions written by Gregory David Roberts. It tells the story of his break from a Melbourne prison in Australia and escape to New Zealand followed by India where much of the novel is set. In India he lives in the slums of Bombay and opens a medical clinic. After a harrowing experience of getting caught and spending time in an Indian prison he becomes involved with the local mafia.

The novel, however is much greater than a prison break story. It is a novel embelished with all of the human emotional traits: love, hate, friendship, enemies, life and death.

- kejqdk1j3qokeqwlklek1w;

I'm just way too tired to blog right now.

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I've been bored lately watching etalk and guess what shows up? This advert for Paco Rabbane's perfume, 1 Million. It's stunning to say the least. Normally, I don't get entranced by perfume ads but the guy is too smoking hot to not notice!

[Error: unknown template video]

ETA: Searched him up and turns out he's Mat Gordon and he's Canadian!! :D Woot! 
Gah, such a breath of fresh air.

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Oh... my... god.


And it was glorious. Oh so so glorious.

I wanted to go see Sion Sono's new film Love Exposure at Fantasia Fest but when I heard of it, it was the day after the screening. I was regretted not hearing about it before. I searched everywhere for the english subs and lo, behold. I managed to get a copy of it. I was a bit intimidated at first by the running time (4 hours) cause usually long hours means they're filled with useless scenes (I'm looking at you, Jodhaa Akbar >:() Apparently, this story was inspired on one of Mr. Sono's friends who was into spy photography and this friend did whatever he could to save his sister from a religious cult.

But bloody hell, this is THE BEST FILM I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE SO FAR. Those 4 hours didn't feel like 4 hours at all. By the end of it, I wanted more... I was gripping at the edge of my seat. It's a friggin' masterpiece.
Yeah, I know I say that alot but I'm serious. I'm really serious.

I don't know how to define this film.. it's a romantic comedy with EVERY GENRE POSSIBLE. And man, did Mr. Sono pull it off.

Check out the trailer. The trailer speaks for itself.

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If you want to check it out, I have it uploaded here.
(You must be a member of the community to access it).
Yes, it stars one of the guys from the jpop group AAA.

Trust me, you won't regret watching this film. 

ETA: Happy belated Eid :)

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I just finished watching my first cmovie ever called One Night in Supermarket. And let me tell you that that movie is made of epic win and awesome sauce. LOVE <3.

I will post a review of it later. :))))


Aug. 1st, 2009 11:32 am
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Does anyone know how to remove the stupid bar that appears on top of the pages? It's irritating to see on my new layout ([profile] prismatic_star ). By the way, I finally updated my spanking profile after all these years of it being 'under construction'. Yay!

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Had the weirdest dream last night involving dal puris, the goddess Lakshmi and a $1999 pair of shoes.
Bollywood style.

Yeah, you read that right.
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Nouvelle Vague is coming into my town on July 31st.

If you don't know who Nouvelle Vague is, you haven't seen the Soulmates krama which had a fantastic soundtrack. Some of featured songs were "This is Not a Love Song" and "In a Manner of Speaking" which fit so perfectly with the storyline... I can't embed the video here but check it out!

This totally made my frown turn upside down.

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** I can't believe I finished the first entire season of True Blood in one day... That's crazy. I'm not a vampire/goth fan and never was and I've never done that before except for My Girl.  At least it's a break from the Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance angsting. Eun Sung's step mother is driving me crazy with her stupid antics and Lee Seung Ki can't act. There I said it. I don't care if you flame me about your precious Lee Seung Ki. And I'm amazed at  Yun Joon Suk's ability to act as Eun Sung's autistic brother! He's really something!

* * I was gonna head to Toronto this summer for some shopping but garbage left on sidewalks for days doesn't sound appealing. Maybe next time.

** Contrary to what people have been calling True Blood as the adult version of Twilight, just with more sex scenes, nudity and gore...Twilight sucks overall with crappy writing.  At least true blood has some really great supporting characters and an realllly interesting plot. I'm hooked! I don't really care for Snookie or Bill Compton... Snookie irritates me with her stubbornness and Bill Compton is one hell of a two face.  On the other hand, Eric is dripping with coolness (Did you see his hair in 2nd season!? It looks much much better!), Tara is a case of spunk I could never get tired of and Sam... I never understood why he's so comfortable being naked on set... XD I laughed when Snookie killed the fangbanger murderer and Sam is just standing there naked in front of Bill Compton for the first time and Bill doesn't even react... wth!? I was sure Bill was gonna tell him to put some pants on but he didn't... He acts like it's all normal. Sam's a strange fellow but he's cute!  And my goodness, Lafayette totally makes this show!! I love his flamboyant personality! I really do hope it's not him in the car they find in the last scene.... He better not be dead!!

** Caught up with Merlin. It's been picked up by CTV so I figured why not? A friend recommended it to be a year ago but after watching the first episode, it didn't catch my interest at first. I'm glad I watched this gem again. I never understood why fans ship Merlin and Arthur together when clearly it's understood that they share a brotherhood. Whatever, there are strange people on the net... I'm waiting anxiously for season 2 but  I haven't found any news if they were filming it now. 

Sigh.  The TV seasons have been slow this year. Boy I'm glad I have True Blood to keep me occupied :)

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I'm on a British shows kick lately. Just finished watching Skins (Season One) and that was some good stuff.  It's not my usual cup of tea (you know with all the raunchiness of it) but overall it was damn good. Sid and Cassie were my favourite characters. It's a shame the cast for season one don't appear in the second season except for Effy.
I'll leave you with the cast singing Cat Steven's Wild World. It's very pretty, might I add.
And I'm off to watch Merlin as promised to a friend, [ profile] sevenses. Wish me luck.

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A man who was too proud to be Bad
A man who desired too much to be Good
A man who was too wacky to be Good or Bad

Yes, it's a Kimchi Western, Manchu Western, Korea Western... whatever you call it, it is mindblowing.
Who knew the Koreans were so awesome at making Westerns. I am smitten and I want more.
Plus, you've got two hotties in one movie.
Expect a review coming up on this brilliant film.

Wild wild Manchuria, baby.

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 I've come across another gem lately. Normally, I don't watch animes because... I'm getting old for it. Of course, there's nothing wrong with watching anime when you're approaching the early twenties. I enjoy good stories. But all the gags and stereotypes seen in anime gets old. You start wanting to see people in flesh and blood. And you start realising that the extreme otaku culture out there is... creepy.

I mean, this Ontario guy built a robot wife to take care of him and of his other ah hem necessities. He claims he's 'too busy' for romance. Yeah right. Why not make a granny robot then eh? Pffffft.

Oh, and this is just waaayy too cute. I wish I did that in my elementary school.

Anyhoo, what is this gem I'm talking about? It's Kuroshitsuji (The Black Butler) by Yana Tsuboso. It's got it all. No bullsh*t romance. And hilarious comedy.

So what exactly is great about this butler, Sebastian Michaels?
Other than the obvious, he's an expert in domestic affairs, martial arts, perfect knowledge, manners, et cetera. He has to be since he serves one of the most prominent aristocratic families of England, the Phantomhives. The thing is... his master is twelve years old.
And Sebastian's the Devil.

Yup, you read that right; In exchange for his 'services', all the heads of this family must give him his soul. Oooohhh, I love Faustian contracts.

In terms of wackiness, it's similar to Gintama but Gintama is wacky in of itself. The manga still retains its own wackiness, Yes, there is subtle hints of BL in there but it's tolerable. BL is not the main focus (Thank god!  There comes a time in your life, you want actual plot than crappy stories meant for pleasing your hormones).The comedy is fantastic, there has been many scenes where I laughed out loud, especially when concerning the supporting characters (The gramps is my favourite). You'll grow to love their faults. The main character is not whiny, a major plus. He's probably the most mature twelve year old I've ever seen. After reading this, you'll wish you made a deal with the devil to have a butler like Sebastian.

Without spoiling too much, I'll just say the author knows how to write and entertain her readers without making it seem repetitive. She's done her research on the period and wow, it's really well done. The art is very nice on the eyes. Another major plus.

That's the manga stuff. The anime is going really well. :D

Oh come on, he's rather an interesting character okay? How much do I have to sell to ya to watch this show??  And it's not as dark as the video above makes it seem. It's outright hilarious, trust me.

Still don't believe me?

Watch this then.

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I should really start studying for my finals.
Yet here I am, digging Little Britain up into bits. I love BBC.
Awesome show might I add. It's so witty and it'll make you laugh till your sides hurt. Yes, it's the same show that Johnny Depp was raving about to the media. He was rooting for the US version though.

So what's it about?

Little Britain is a comedy sketch show featuring the duo, Matt Lucas and David Williams with an 'attempt' to explain British culture to foreigners. Really, it's all that is to the viewers but it's unique through its memorable characters. There's Majorie Dawes the Fat Fighter woman who's clearly obese herself, Emily Howard, the woMAN who desperate to be thought of as a lady, Daffyd - the self proclaimed gay essence/existence in town, Vicky Pollard (My favorite!) the white common deliquent, Sebastian and Micheal - Micheal is the spoof of Tony Blair (who is the prime minister by the way) whereas Sebastian (another favorite!) is his gay aide and he clearly wants to 'get it on' with him if you know what I mean. There's certainly more but I've only watched the first few of the episodes.

Here's the first episode available for you to enjoy :D

Little Britain Season 1 Episode 1 (1/3)

Little Britain Season 1 Episode 1 (2/3)

Little Britain Season 1 Episode 1 (3/3)

Tell me what you think of it. I'm curious to hear your thoughts! :)

P.S. If you haven't heard, Pushing Daisies has been canceled. Beloved show of mine, may you rest in peace. Ned's touch of life didn't do much to resuscitate you.

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First it was Andy and Solbi. Then Alex and Sinae.
It's.... heartpainstakingly confirmed. No more Lettuce couple fun.
The JoongBo couple are leaving. All because of Hyunjoong's involvement in Boys Over Flowers. I'm happy for his involvement but selfish lil
' me wish he didn't so he could've stayed with Hwangbo and continue their awkward ways on WGM.

Source: CoolSmurf

Gah, I know this was going to happen sooner or later. It's.. just not fun without the original couples anymore. I'm too attached to them.  Sure, Crown J and Seo InYoung are there. I love them bickering and fighting but it's depressing because we can't see their interactions with each other anymore. So Dambi and Marco bores the hell out of me, I skip their parts. The Hwanhee/Hwayobi couple looks promising. Speaking of the couple, did you see the episode last night on their honeymoon?


In case you missed last night,



Holy smokes! And this is hwayobi?!? My first impression of her from the previous episodes were that she was a complete klutz and ditzy. She's completely womanly when she sings. But her previous interviews from years before show a controlled, complacent side of her.  I guess it must be because she is completely gaga over bad boy Hwanhee. He ain't bad looking.


Nov. 15th, 2008 12:41 pm
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I am so damn excited for the Korean Hana Yori Dango that's coming out in one month.
They better not dash my hopes. From what I can tell from the released pictures, they look the part. But they've got some high standards to reach up to (I thought the Japanese version of HYD was brilliant!)

Excited much?
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All is going to be well.

Yeah, I actually pulled an all nighter today.
It's 4:07 am.

And I am escstatic to have pulled off an 18 page paper in two days.
And this is a paper using only texts. No internet access.

Believe me, I'm not the type to procrastinate.
Whatever, my eyes are droopy. Class starts in 4 hours. I wake up normally in 2 hours. Should I bother sleeping. Hmm.

Oh cegep, you are such a moron.
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I'm heading off for Ottawa tommorrow to see my darling. She's moved to a new house and I'm just ecstatic to see her. I've waited 4 months for this!
Oh right, university season's come upon us at my college. People are freaking out (mainly me---I'm a whiny bastard when I'm stressed. My poor friends had to endure). I've narrowed it down: it's either UofT, OttawaU, UBC (Stretch since poor pris has no moolah), Concordia, or McGill.
Hmm. Any opinions? If you go to any of these, care to share?

I would LOVE to go to UBC. No kidding. Vancouver seems like an awesome place.
U of T... Sure, I've got some relatives there (Meaning less $$$) but the place makes me claustrophobic (maybe it's just the scarborough area). One thing I know for sure is I'm gonna be splurging like crazy in Bangla town for my mom's constant demands for new saree or salwar styles. Omg, I don't even wanna think about shipping costs. And erm, living with your stereotypical gossipy bengali aunt can be somewhat nauseating.

OttawaU. Two advantages: I get to live with my darling (if that's ok with her though) and two, costs aren't that and parents aren't too far away. Yes, I'm a parasite.

I'm leaning towards McGill and Concordia now for the close proximity to my house and er, low fees (Only $3000 people!)
So far what I've heard about McGill from a close friend who's doing her second year is that it's one party party school and there's no seating available for studying and the professors are pompous. And that everything is falling apart. Understandable.

Concordia. This, I don't know much about except according to a friend, it has a high schoolish feel. I'm not exactly wanting to relive high school. But whatever, as long as I can get into it for my program choice, I'm happy.

I feel a headache coming up. Oh life, why must you be such a cruel b*tch?


Oct. 25th, 2008 08:25 pm
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Last night's episode of Pushing Daisies was terrible. The charm fizzled. A trend I noticed for many season twos of American TV shows.
On the other hand, The Big Bang Theory is a new show I'm currently digging.
And the sad thing is, I comprehend everything that Sheldon spews out on physics theory.
Oh physics, you are such a bad boyfriend (you know, the type that treats you awful but you secretly love him anyways).
Oh Sheldon <3.

You know, if I were to marry Isaac Newton, I think we'd pull it off. Yeah yeah, I know he's homosexual (No, not really. It's a common misconception as he was completely absorbed in his work) but then again, I'd make him so distracted with all my nagging and bitching that he wouldn't have invented Physics. I would have caught the apple before it lands on his head to bake my pies. =D

And I would have invented chemistry instead.


Oct. 9th, 2008 05:09 pm
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Gah! First Wonderfalls and now Pushing Daisies!?!? NOOO!!

DAMMIT, WHY MUST MY ILLEGAL SATELITE BE DOWNN!!?!! THIS GEM CANNOT BE GONE!! IF ABC takes it away, we'd be left with garbage shows! That cannot be!

Click this image and get a button of your own to show off
The viewership and ratings for this original and whimsical program have been down for the first two episodes of the new season. There have been discussions of the show possibly getting canceled. The Pie Hole Alliance is trying to save it from being taken off the air. Please help us save Pushing Daisies.

- Watch Pushing Daisies, every week on Wednesdays at 8pm eastern standard time, on channel ABC.

- Sign up to Hey Nielsen! and share with the Nielsen Rating System why you love Pushing Diaises so much.

- Tell your friends and family members about the show. Talk about the latest episodes at your workplace and stir up interest. Spread the word any way you can!

- Take two free seconds of spare time and sign the petition.

- Add this to your own profile

- Most importantly, contact ABC and tell them how much you love the show and that it can't be canceled.
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I hate this environmental ethics paper. why must you take away my sleep??

Gah, why can't I just be in McGill university now.  Or even better, why can't I be such a smart, stellar, no-need to-study-but-does-amazingly-well-in-every-test student?

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 I'm about to commit a grammatical no-no.

Excuse the fangirly babble language and multiple exclamation mark.

Above mentioned video = BEST "WE GOT MARRIED" MOMENT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


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