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 Okay, I am officially broke.
I'm also going to Ecuador from Jan 24-28th before the Peru trip in February. I'm going to miss a week of school but to be honest, I won't miss much. I'm an independent learner anyways.
It's a birthday present to myself.

Oh man, this is all for you Dr. X.
My buddy and I are doing this. We're fundraising the hell out right now. She wants to go two days before just to travel around the town before we do our stint.

Clown nose and all.

Galapagos, yes, please. I'll bring a copy of the Origin of the species to the turtles there.

If anything, I am just not eating out or going out to events anymore. I'll come to your birthday parties and such but I'm not buying anything okay? I have to work harder at my work shifts now.

Thank god my dad is helping my payment to MCAT prep course. He thinks I'm stupid for doing these trip things but he's oldfashioned. I'm doing them cause I'm young once.

EDIT: Fuck this, I need people who are set in their ways about making decisions. You wanted to come, and then you asked me to join with me and now you're backing out? Wtf. Stop wasting my time. I emailed her and said exactly that. I don't need this running about business. I've stopped depending on other people all the time, and depend only on myself. I'm the initiator, not the follower. Stop whining. I'm not your mother, for heaven's sake.


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